SKG WORLD provides information and training to help you be successful. No need to worry if you donĄŻt have business experience, weĄŻll help you develop the skills to help you succeed. SKG WORLD Agents qualification are Marketing Officer (MO), District Officer (DO) and Senior District Officer (SDO).

Trainings that provided by SKG WORLD are:
fem@lov nite: A dinner for customers to brief them regarding SKG WORLD products information.
Product Workshop: Product training and demonstration designed for all SKG WORLD agents. Agents can master their basic product knowledge and skills to explain and sell products to the customers.
ETP 1: Marketing strategy training for all SKG WORLD agents. This is a clear and easy to learn training to lead a sustained growth of your business in SKG WORLD.
ETP 2: Training of spiritual development, care and how to take better care of themselves and their loved ones with the right attitudes. After the training, agents can unleash their potential and begin with a new journey.
DO Seminar: Training on how to be a SDO, why to be a SDO, why to get more MO and set your target.