Anti-oxidation, Start Young, Stay Beautiful!

The aging process of human skin starts at the age of 20 ¨C 25. As our age increases, skin aging-related problems such as reduction in the keratinocytes production, reduction in the subcutaneous fat, thinning of skin epidermis, and appearance of wrinkles, age spots as well as pigments could happen. Therefore, early and persistence aging-reversion or anti-aging skin care is very important. In addition, the learning and application of latest science knowledge is also essential to protect our skin. The rapidly developing biological technology make possible for us to survive for more than a decade and stay beautiful for more than 60 years. Thus, it is a bonus to the people of our generation because there is a chance for us to stay alive until the next century if we do adhere to the latest medical techniques. People at their 70¡¯s may still stay young both mentally and physically. Indeed, this is everybody¡¯s dream to stay forever young. However, the dream might only be coming true in the next century because this new technology still in the beginning stage. Therefore, only people who are stepping ahead in technology may stand a chance to achieve their dream.

Aging-reversion or anti-aging should start early in our life. People who start early may stand a higher chance to maintain their beauty for a longer period.

Skin Essence

There are multiple factors that can affect the skin quality such as genetic, diet, exercise, sleeping, mood and skin care. Among the factors, genetic factor is inherited from parents and we are born with it. Although the other factors such as diet, exercise, sleeping and mood can be controlled but it takes time and require self-perseverance. In contrast, skin care is the most simple and feasible way to protect our skin. In our daily life, our skin may experience different problems such as dryness, wrinkles, dark circle, dullness, pimples and etc. Therefore, people will try different kind of skin care such as moisturizing and whitening to improve their skin quality. However, is this the right thing to do? Is the problem solved by carrying out moisturizing and whitening measures? In fact, these measures do not solve the problems.

What is the core factor that causes skin problems? Free radicals it is. Free radicals will cause oxidative stress to the skin cells. Oxidation reaction is the core problem to all kind of skin problems. Oxidation reaction plays an important role in the metabolism process of our body. In natural environment, metals will turn rusty due to the oxidation reaction. In human body, the rust produced from the oxidation reaction are known as free radicals. Normal production and reaction of these free radicals can help in maintaining the metabolism of our skin cells. However, uncontrolled and over-production of free radicals will disturb the metabolism of skin cells. Eventually, this may cause many skin problems. The skin cells will be oxidized and undergo aging process. Therefore, skin care products should have provided with aging-reversion or anti-aging effect to maintain the skin essence.