The secret of longevity village
The story of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is a highly concentrated negative hydrogen ions and it is the primary element to gain longevity, health, youth, and healthy body. In early years, physical biologists discovered that negative hydrogen ions are indispensable for all biological survivals. Negative hydrogen ions generate energy to body during digestion progress. Diseases appear when our body is lacking negative hydrogen ions. Dr. Patrick Flanagan��s team conducted a study of the diet habits of several longevity village residents and found out that their drinking water contains large number of negative hydrogen ions. During 1999, the World Health Organization raised its alert on free radicals are the culprit of all diseases. The introduction of ��Antioxidants�� is used to fight against free radical but ineffective. After years of researches and developments, Dr. Patrick Flanagan finally proposed his super smart technology, extracted anti-oxidized negative hydrogen ions from the nature and composed in a concentrated solid particle for direct human use. Professor Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Professor Tsuchiya Masahiko from Japan then build on researches and invented "H2 ZETA Micron". In 2007, it was a great innovation in Japan when hydrogen water negative hydrogen ion was introduced; the users were frequently the witnesses to make recommendations. An international reputable public broadcaster, NHK had reported the product several times in the television program.